For sale: Panasonic FS-A1ST MSX turbo R + hardware

By Retrofan

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13-07-2016, 18:24

I consider to sell my Turbo-R ST as I don't use it a lot. If I get an offer I cannot refuse, I will sell it.
I want to sell it in one buy with some hardware, but you also may offer for a single item if it will not sell complete. (see my profile)

- Panasonic FS-A1ST MSX turbo R in very good shape without scratches and not yellowed!
expanded to 512kB internal RAM, 230V PSU build-in and with black PC floppy drive (no rubber belts needed!), with spare membrane and another black floppy drive and 2 RGB cables included (no box or Japanese manuals).
one of the last produced FS-A1ST's according to the serialnumber of the machine: 2AKSE03601 which is 1992.

- Panasonic FS-JS220 joypad
- PC mouse with mouse adapter for MSX
- RGB to HDMI converter (non-expensive but good working converter)
- RGB-Scart switch
- Philips Music Module NMS-1205 boxed with tape and manuals and expanded to 256kB sampleRAM
- MegaFlashROM SCC (first version with real SCC and 512kB flash memory from M. Pazos)
- MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD 1 slot + 512 kB RAM with some SD cards
- Roland Soundcanvas SC-88 (230V EU-version)

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By Wierzbowsky

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13-07-2016, 22:00

Dude, my piece of advice - keep the machine! I sold a few rare MSXs before (Yamaha YIS805/128 for example) and I deeply regret that now. The Turbo R in good condition is like an investment. The price never goes down, it goes up. Don't sell uness you are starving.

I would like to buy the MegaFlashRom SCC+ if the price is reasonable.

By Retrofan

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15-07-2016, 18:21

Well, maybe you're right. I don't use it very often right now, but ofcourse I could keep it as collector's item instead. Indeed, I'm not desperate because of the money Smile Probably I will use it then during the holidays when I have more time to play around with it... This also means I keep the other hardware Wink
I just saw the great game patches of Louthrax, great job! Cool

By david.d.haslett

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20-07-2016, 19:55

Retrofan, i sold mine a number of years ago, whilst in a bad time financially, i regret it big time! I sold most all of my Konami cartridges, those i didn't miss, since i could still play the games on a megaflashSCC. Does that mean i endorse piracy? of course not!!