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By Stt1

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12-09-2020, 17:31

Prices are negotiable, especially if you buy 3 or more games. Games are located in Finland. I am looking for original Green Beret disk version box in good-excellent condition and Nemesis 3 (euro-version) box in excellent condition. For either of those I can give a good trade offer.

Picture galleries here (pics are there, just click on the galleries):

Konami (loose games):

Athletic Land - 15e
Hyper Olympic 1 - 12e
Konami's Football - 10e

Road Fighter (Casio release!) - 30e


Raid On Bungeling Bay - 12e

CIB - unless otherwise noted:


Pai Panic - 20e


Exciting Baseball - 20e


F1-Spirit 3D Special (missing: manual, Disk B) - 30e
Frogger (JAP) - 300e
Hyper Rally (JAP) - 40e
Konami's Soccer (EUR) - 28e
Konami's Soccer (JAP) - 30e
Monkey Academy (JAP) - 40e
Penant Race (JAP) - 40e
Yie Ar Kung Fu (EUR) - 22e

T&E Soft:

3D Golf - 20e

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By Gustau Pérez-Querol

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13-09-2020, 09:22


I've sent you a mail.