Genuine Konami Game Cabbage Patch Kids for sale

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By daniel683104

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30-03-2018, 18:04

Thank You for the words, As you know there is money behind this but what is more important my personal time in coming to reality my boy dream of have as much MSX stuff as i could.
On those days no money, no internet but a lot of time today internet is there, money is restricted by the "general" in charge of finance (my wife) and time is completely gone with the kids.
But still need the Word processor from konami EC700 to be almost complete, Never seen any on Yahoo auctions and I am sure i will become insane if I have the chance to buy it.

By rderooy

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30-03-2018, 18:43

Wow very nice collection! You would not happen to be interested in scanning some manuals and cover pictures of the items by any chance?

By Alexey

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30-03-2018, 18:50

Nice collection indeed. I would never call a dedicated collector crazy. I sometimes also buy ridiculously expensive stuff, but when I have no chance to get it elsewhere.

By barroidh

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30-03-2018, 19:30

Nice collection . Btw , are the two copies of Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake different ?

By daniel683104

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30-03-2018, 19:55

the japanese games repeated as solid snake, hinotory, parodious, King Kong 2, metal gear, Hinotory or Knightmare 3 are original boxes and manuals with a modify ROM on Spanish playable versions so original games outside traslated outside.

About scaning There is not trouble on do it but time is needed so If someone wants them and have the chance of getting there stored on some server where everybody could Access them ask for them and I will try to do it. As you may imagine sending them one by one is not posible but sure i can sent it to someone in order to put it on a public server

By Meits

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30-03-2018, 20:26

I do stuff like that when I get my hands on anything scanable, or sent to me. Now I'm not a game buyer, so I rely on scans sent to me. I you don't have the time, which I do, I can scan as well. There's just this posting to Holland and back to Spain thing involved.

By daniel683104

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30-03-2018, 22:00

I will try to do my best on doing some scans for you and sent them to your mail .
I will take time but count on it

By Pac

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30-03-2018, 23:15

I bought 2 computers from Daniel 4-5 years ago, a Panasonic A1-WSX and a Sony F1-XV. They cost me around 250€ each. Now he sells computers like those for 300-350€. Still a reasonable price, the expected trend, nothing abnormal IMHO, so the prices that Daniel is selling MSX stuff are fair and note that these machines also get a previous refurbishment process. I think this is a proof he is not trying to fool anyone.

About Cabbage Patch Kids... we know perfectly that this is a total different story due to its rarety (computers and hardware included). Then a Solid Snake o Final Fantasy for 400€, is ok? Or better to say more logical? Why? Because they are MSX2 productions which feature better sound and graphics? Because they belongs to a very well know saga that has survived to the present day? Or simply because I like them a lot? The colletor's market has no logical at all, we know that.

We are already aware about the typical persons who suddenly find an MSX1 into a wardrobe, checks its value on a non-specialist second hand sites or wherever and sell it for an absurd price. Check this forum thread for more details... That kind of persons are who really make me angry not one of the few MSX users who still offer us nice MSX stuff from Japan nowadays.

By Meits

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31-03-2018, 02:25

I know Daniel does not pull the scene's leg. He does us, the people not from Japan, a big favour. He invests money and risks to import stuff from Japan and share it with us. The Japanese also found out MSX is hot and raised the prices. So that's where Daniel has to increase his prices as well. So he takes risks, it's a long ride from Japan to Spain and goods may not arrive or be broken. There has to be some spare cash to cover that. His computers are top notch, well refurbished, upgraded and in the present day well worth their price.
He's been doing this for quite some years now and his prices are always very sharp. No one can convince me he pulls our leg with Cabbage Patch Kids or any other rare software.

It's a bit of a pity he has to defend himself so often. Most of you guys know him for his ads and know he asks well balanced prices.

By Argon

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31-03-2018, 10:06

daniel683104 wrote:

About prices always ...

I paid like 20 euro for cabbage patch kids, admittedly that was almost 20 years ago.
So I stand by my opinion: this is a ridiculous price!

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