Giving away VG8235

By mti

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21-11-2016, 15:19


I have an old Philips VG8235 MSX2 that I haven't user for ~20 years. I might have some manuals, floppies and other stuff.

Just come and pick it up in Stockholm, Sweden or pay for the shipping.


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By Louthrax

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21-11-2016, 21:57

PM sent!

By o0nosferatuo0

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22-11-2016, 00:19

Hi, i'm interested if you are willing to send to Portugal.

Best regards,
Pedro Torres

By Retrofan

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22-11-2016, 14:20

Hi mti: I mailed you just before Louthrax did Wink

By Panzer-

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22-11-2016, 17:41

I think you're wrong giving it away...
Sell ​​it and give the money to a NGO.

By hamlet

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22-11-2016, 21:01

I´m working for a NGO!

By hamlet

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22-11-2016, 21:03

BTW, I´m once or twice a year in sweden, visiting my relatives. Is there a MSX scene around?