I quit my MSX hobby, so everything is for sale!!

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By Mark2005

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20-02-2005, 20:01

For sale:

- MSX turbo R (FS-A1st) 512kB RAM internal memory
- Philips MSX monitor (CM8852/00G)
- Konami SCC cartridge (King's valley2)
- Witty MSX mouse
- Arcade Joystick
- Scart switch
- Miniware M4000 modem
- Lots of disks with software
- Lots of msx books, documentation and magazines (in dutch)
- Nessesary cables

Minitower, with build in:

- MK slotexpander
- Philips music module (NMS 1205) 256kB sample RAM expansion (midi en audio-connections are on the front of the tower)
- Moonsound OPL4 512kB sample RAM expansion (audio-connections are on the back of the tower)
- GFX9000 (video-connection is on the back of the tower)
- 1MB RAM memory mapper (there is a switch on the front on the tower to switch it on and off)
- Novaxis SCSI interface
- 128MB SCSI harddisk
- SCSI CD-ROM drive

A very big MSX system. 100% working. Everything has to go away in one deal, no expansions are sold seperately. Price: 925 Euro's. I live in the Netherlands.

For more info and some pictures:

link to 2dehands.nl


Mark Cox

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By BiFi

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20-02-2005, 20:15

Many people regret selling their MSX stuff... Are you really really really sure you want to do this?

By DarQ

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20-02-2005, 20:24

i see unknown reality...

anyway, thats quite a price you're asking..

By Repair-Bas

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20-02-2005, 20:25

yes he is, but the price is very high
Also impossible to sell complete in The Netherlands
2dehands.nl is not so famous like Ebay

The best you can do is selling every part on ebay.
Then you get the highest price and you can sent it worldwide

By Mark2005

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21-02-2005, 13:14

Hmmm. Maybe the price is much too high. I calculated on prices I saw on Ebay and for some of the expansions I didn't know what they are worth at the moment. What would be a more reasonable price??

I also thought about selling the stuff seperately on Ebay, but I'd like to try first to sell everything in one. In that case everything would stay together, and I don't have to tear apart what I build together in the past. And yes I really am going to sell it, because I didn't do anything with it for the last 2 years and my hobby changed, so I don't have time anymore for my MSX, and I need money for my new hobby.

Maybe someone can give an actual price indication for every item?? Thank you very much.

By HansO

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21-02-2005, 13:30

The total price seems a lot of money. Its not much too high.

But you are right that, when you add the street prices of the components, it will be close to that.

Splitting up and selling piece by piece will bring in that money. So it is up to you to do it the easy way and sell it at once for less or spent the time and trouble to get the maximum.

Its a very nice system btw!

By Rouhija

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21-02-2005, 14:38

I could buy the King's valley II box from you if it has also the manual. mail me---> rouhija@hotmail.com

By Manuel

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21-02-2005, 17:31

But Mark! What happened to Firesoft? What happened to Jacques?
I found an original NoiseSnatcher disk...! Smile

By Samor

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22-02-2005, 11:16

If it brings in that much money, I'm getting tempted to sell everything too ;P

By legacy

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22-02-2005, 13:17

If it brings in that much money, I'm getting tempted to sell everything too ;P

Than you'r not a real freak.

By Grauw

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22-02-2005, 14:17

Isn’t it a good thing not to be a called a freak? ;p

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