(I'm going to regret this) For sale: my TurboR GT

By Moniz

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25-11-2015, 20:50

I'm going to regret this.. I turned it on today and I even loved the sound of the diskdrive saying "hello, I'm ready!" to me..
But I really haven't been using it that much last couple of years and has been mostly been stored away in the original and still good looking box it came with.. It always have been surrounded by its mates since it came from the factory, all the disks, the manuals and even the 2 little battery friends that prevented my TR of having dementia for the first couple of years.. although they are still in the box.. god have their souls...
The little gray baby still works as it should, and the drive spins like a little kid on a merry-go-round and after all these years she still looks pretty good! (I've seen women ageing worst!)
But its time to let her go, let her go to a new lover, someone who touches her and make her drive spin like a kitten..
Because I like her privacy (and just to lazy to make an fucking imageshack or whatever account) you can email me and then I'll send some pictures, then you can make me an offer

digital_brain at hotmail.com

Be a good boy for her! Crying

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By Manuel

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25-11-2015, 23:35

You'll regret it for sure...

Anyway, use imgur, no account needed.

By djh1697

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26-11-2015, 18:56

I regretted selling mine, despite it getting little use. Emulation is good, but not as good as the real thing!

By Meits

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26-11-2015, 19:11

Just keep it...

By aurix72

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27-11-2015, 13:48

I sold mine when i was 18, now i'm looking for one. (it will be in really good hands Smile2 Smile2 )
Message sent.

By Moniz

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27-11-2015, 22:00

It's sold! and by the looks of it it will be joing a nice collection!