Interested on an MSX2 in the US

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By Pencioner

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12-01-2018, 21:22

santiontanon wrote:

I was going to buy this adaptor ( ... ), but I'll try the composite jacks first! Smile

They add pretty significant delay on output. I have similar adaptor (though SCART to HDMI but it doesn't matter, they work in similar fashion) and i connected two monitors at the same time - analog and digital via this adaptor - it was a good observation, it speaks more than values in milliseconds - it has delay which is not compatible with gaming

By Grauw

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12-01-2018, 23:59

I think feeding composite into a digital monitor adds a similar delay. It is due to the digitisation and deinterlacing which buffers for a few frames. If you compare with an analog monitor you will notice a delay with both composite and RGB. Also pay attention to the TV settings by the way, make sure you select the “game mode” which disable all kinds of image improvement algorithms which delay the signal.

Either way RGB (SCART) is definitely recommended over composite, the image quality is much better. Using either a SCART input (as still available on most European TVs) or a SCART to HDMI converter. If you really care much about latency and don’t mind spending some money for it, check out the OSCC scan doubler with HDMI output. The image quality I get from that is sublime, much better than the TV’s own SCART input, but it cost a pretty penny.

By santiontanon

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14-01-2018, 03:45

Ok! Good to know! For now I just ourdered a cheap adaptor to VGA just to make sure the machine works (I have not been able to test it yet). Once I have it working, I'll start looking into ways to get better image quality! I'm even considering buying a CRT monitor (there's one on a pawn show nearby that I've been eyeing on for a while Smile )

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