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By foobarry81

Master (148)

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21-02-2015, 15:00

Grauw wrote:

Yes and we’d all be speaking bad German if… Oh wait, I do. Smile

The Netherlands is a small country where trading and international relations has always been important for the economy, so people learn two or three foreign languages in school (English, French and German), sometimes even more. Although the English proficiency is probably better than the others because there are so many English-language tv-shows and games.

There is proficiency in French in the Netherlands other than the occasional word like "jus d'orange"? ;-)

By yearkunfu

Rookie (26)

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21-02-2015, 15:06

Yes! That`s true Grauw. Dutch people also understand German very well! I think that German is similar to Dutch, isn`t it? So I guess that learning German is quite easy for the Dutch speakers. And I remember that when I watched an american movie on tv it was in original version subtitled in Dutch therefore they have such a good listening and comprehension in English language. Other countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland are really good also in English. Maybe because they are also small countries as Holland and they need to learn English for the international relations.

I think that the native English speakers are the worst in languages because their language is so strong and powerful that they don`t need to learn foreign languages.

As Fobarry81 said before, Spain was a very important conqueror in the past so maybe that`s the reason why Spaniards are so awful in languages! Because in the past Spanish language was also very powerful! But the history has changed.

And those words are written by an Spanish Smile

But my wife is from Rusia and I had to learn Russian as well because she didn't speak English at all!

By Meits

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21-02-2015, 17:21

Nice off topic conversation this grew out to be Smile
If we all spoke the same language, the MSX scene would still be huge. But due to this barrier we're a lot of small scenes. That's quite a pity...

By mikoto

Supporter (16)

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26-02-2015, 00:05

English is mandatory in school here in Sweden :-) Don't know the official reason really but it is probably because of the need for international relations like said before. A lot of our modern culture and the fact that we rely so much on internet makes english knowledge almost a must, aswell as all electronics. A lot is localised but in this age a lot of information can't wait for that. We also read a second or even third language aswell in school. Usually we are free to choose from german, french or spanish.

Not to speak about games, almost no games are translated to swedish, they rarely even have swedish subtitles. English is what you get here so most young people who likes games here learn english very fast.

Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are very similar aswell so they can be understood easily if one is fluent in one of them.

I read German i school, I can read dutch fairly well though which for me seems like a strange mix of german and danish :-) Could never even try to write or speak dutch though.

By jltursan

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22-04-2015, 20:03

Another rare one, this time not a real MSX; but a PC: the MSXPC 20th anniversary

By st1mpy

Hero (519)

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28-04-2015, 20:51

canon v8
its so nice.

By ToriHino

Champion (413)

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28-04-2015, 21:46

st1mpy wrote:

canon v8
its so nice.

Interesting place for the cursor keys oO

By Manuel

Ascended (16029)

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28-04-2015, 22:07

Oh yeah, I love it. It may have been one of the smallest MSX'es ever commercially produced! What do you think?

By Bas040

Master (164)

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28-04-2015, 22:45

Time Gal (Victor, VHD game) was sold today for over 1200 euro!

By magicman

Resident (56)

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28-04-2015, 23:20

Yes was much more than 1200 and i got it Smile

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