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By Bas040

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29-04-2015, 11:12

Congrats! Why is this specific game (besides it's a VHD) so valuable?

By Stt1

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29-04-2015, 22:49

magicman wrote:

Yes was much more than 1200 and i got it Smile

Congratulations! Was there also program tape with it?

By nivaria

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11-05-2015, 21:01

Firstly, tell you that I love MSX websites are in English and those who are not in English, Dutch because they are in a country with a long tradition in the MSX) that's what the translators, even in Japanese, but today there are many pages in Spanish and I look fantastic.

But I have heard some things that I do not agree with regard to the Spanish language ... really boring to be talking and listening to discussions about the languages ​​and that each show their prejudices about the language of each country and its culture . But talking nonsense about the Spanish language WAS ONLY important in the past, when TODAY IS an important language. In this regard I do not agree with Yearkunfu.

It's sad to see that in countries of the European Union educational system only covers a couple of languages ​​and none of those is Spanish. In the Nordic countries, its educative system provides learning three or even four languages, but none of them is Spanish. I find it very funny and contradictory. oO

At least 20 countries have Spanish as their native language, they represent a very large and growing market unstoppable. The growth of Spanish language in the United States is also unstoppable, half of the current United States was Spanish territory and this territory was stolen from Mexico by Americans, but Spanish-speaking people continued to live there and not left and not all Hispanic speakers in the United States are immigrants. In a few decades the Spanish languaje will be an official language in United States,whether you like it or not and will be the main language in not one but two continents: North America and South America. Then, the Spanish language WAS, IS AND WILL BE a very important language in the world. Smile

Spanish is an international and intercontinental and very modern language, but it seems that some do want to put on a par with the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, .... with all due respect for these languages ​​that seem fantastic.

It is true that in Spain the level of language is low, probably because our educative system, I would have the Finnish education model, but I also wonder how many British speak Spanish, I'm sure there are far fewer Spaniards who speak English. It is curious, but no wonder, the British are so conceited that they consider WORLDWIDE MUST SPEAK their language.
Sorry for my english Wink and Best regards

By Grauw

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11-05-2015, 21:39

The UK, France and Germany are our neighbouring countries, with which the Netherlands trades most. So, these languages are simply the most important for our economy. Spanish being a common language in the Americas is nice, but it’s very far away and trade happens mostly on that continent. Also when we are looking world-wide, why not Chinese? Smile

That said, some schools in the Netherlands offer Spanish and/or Chinese classes, I think two of my nieces know some Spanish. I hope that makes you feel it’s important enough Wink. But it’s not a very common language around here, I seldom encounter Spanish outside MSX forums. English on the other hand… It’s mandatory. At work I speak English all the time (too much -_-;; ), because of the international colleagues, including Spanish and Italian, French, Scottish (Gaelic), British, German and American.

p.s. If any rightfully owned territory was “stolen” in the Americas, it was from the Native Americans by both the Mexicans and the Americans Smile. I could be bothered about New Amsterdam being “stolen” and renamed to New York, but, yeah…

By nivaria

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11-05-2015, 22:21

You're right, the Spanish is not so common in your area as the Dutch it is in mine, but I have the feeling that the Netherlands is not very common in any area, internationally, are you sure that the Spanish level International is not? ... I can assure you that the Spanish international trade is more common than you think language.

It not really makes me feel important that your nieces know some Spanish, but it confirms that the future things will change.

And what of learning Chinese, frankly I would not recommend ... hard like few others, I prefer to learn Russian ...

Do you know why there are Native Americans in South America and very few in North America? .... Exactly in the area where Spain was not exterminated them as occurred in the area where were other countries, including the Netherlands, yeah .. ., I know that New York used to be called New Amsterdam, it would be for something ... At the end of the day, Spain did something good, including such evil right? ..... Smile have done something good, I guess .. ...

To end the debate, because I said, discussing languages, politics, history ... does not make much sense to me, I just wanted to clarify something that did not agree, I wanted to mention the importance that the Netherlands has had to disseminate the msx possibly rather'm sure it was the most important market, thanks to Philips obviously the MSX in Europe. If the Spaniards had had more money, we would have bought more MSX, which was more expensive than the Spectrum and Amstrad, which was the most sold, but are not rich as the Dutch, in Spain there is no money, there is only Spanish and are more than the Dutch population.

And we are delighted with the MSX, a lot of people here manufactures peripherals and projects for MSX, as MegaFlashROM, Padial, etc .... and cried when we learned that Dutch projects as Moonsound, Sunrise, were discontinued .....

By st1mpy

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06-06-2015, 18:43

By Manuel

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06-06-2015, 22:59

Cool, nhk editions of Yamaha stuff....


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07-06-2015, 13:26

Pacific PMA-MS for home automation. :)

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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08-06-2015, 00:01

Seeing such cool stuff that I'll never get, for instance that NHK OPM fm synth unit, make me sick. Crying

By Grauw

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08-06-2015, 01:30

NSFG-05, nice! Smile

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