Introducing the new Cyclone RX. Play MSX games with a PSX gamepad

By Mounty

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29-04-2014, 16:40

Most of you liked the idea of being able to play your games with a PSX gamepad, but some of you said

"Hey Mounty, we don't need the gamepad vibration function, how's about taking that out, and while you're at it make it cheaper! And while you're doing that make it smaller and neater!"

So that's exactly what we did! We call it the Cyclone RX. I just posted the eBay listing. Check it out!

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By zPasi

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21-05-2014, 14:49

This is an interesting item. I was about to make similar myself, but might as well buy yours, since it isn't too expensive. Is this AVR-based? If it is, I probably could hack it, if I'd want some customisation. That would be very nice.

By valkyre

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22-05-2014, 14:25

Got one today, it works perfectly. Highly recommended.

By Colemu

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30-06-2015, 20:52

Just bought 2 of these today and am very disappointed.
Use the 2 fire buttons independently and all is fine, if you need to use a combination (or press them both together by accident) the directional pad stops working for a second or two (during which time you inevitably die!).
Games like Granada on my X68000 are unplayable with these Crying

By Colemu

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01-07-2015, 14:10

Mounty is in the process of updating the firmware to resolve this problem Smile

By -Neo-

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20-12-2015, 11:59

I have read that this problem has been fixed on KMTech's site. Now considering buying one too but I wonder whether it acts like a JoyMega so I can use it with SofaRun.

By syn

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20-12-2015, 12:55

neo I was wondering that too. The ebay link mentions 2 buttons though

I wonder.

1. Are the problems mentioned by colemu solved now?
2. Is it firmware upgradable to support joymega?

By gdx

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18-06-2017, 11:47

I have a few questions about the Cyclone RX:

- The ad says that the vibrations are supported but the motor should operate under a voltage 7.6V. Dualshock seem to draw an intensity up to about 300mA. A joystick port on MSX has only 5V and should not provide a current of more than 50mA. It is obvious that the vibrate must have its own power supply.

- The Dualshock2 should operate at a voltage of 3.6V. I do not see any voltage converter component. Is there one?

- 10KΩ resistors serve what? Pull-up resistors?

I think Dualshock2 can not be used on MSX without external power supply. I not recommend the using of Dualshock2 with this adapter.

Only PSX1 controllers seem to be supported. About Dualshock1, it seems use 5V but I think the joystick port of MSX can not provide enough current if we use vibrate.

By Cmon

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22-07-2017, 06:58

I don't know about vibrate, but I can tell some games even work with a wireless ps2 controller.

It would be nice if it came with a case, I feel the naked board will get damaged fast..