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By dinotron

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23-10-2021, 02:26


As an Australian, trying to source MSX cartridges - well its a bit difficult - my backwards country never truly appreciated the genius that is MSX - like all MSX users! ???? I can only imagine the joy I would have had if he got my hands on an MSX unit in the 80s

So in my small way I am trying to correct this massive injustice - I have been building and designing my own MSX compatible computer - using original parts and standard logic chips. (https://msx.org/news/hardware/en/msx-board-for-rc2014)

At the moment, I am designing/building the cartridge slot facility. For this, I need some cartridges to test against - I have ordered some units from https://www.msxcartridgeshop.com/ - they are still on the way. (At this stage I have only been able to test against my own designed cartridge)

But I would like some original cartridges -- its a bit hard to find cartridges for sale in Australia -???? The ebay listings are very expensive - mostly from Japan - the postage is usually as much as the cartridge.

Looking for MSX1 or MSX2 cartridges.

If anyone is willing and able to assist this Aussie in his quest -- my email (as per profile) dean.netherton@gmail.com


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By hamlet

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23-10-2021, 16:29

Heydo Dean, welcome to the forum!
Since MSX was not widely available in Australia, it may well be the easiest way to buy cartridges in Japan. I can't think of a shortcut until we can dig a tunnel into which I can drop my modules from Europe.
If you browse the well-known auction houses, you can still get bargains in Japan through combined shipping.