Looking for MSX1 VDP for sale

By Paulo Scheidegger

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06-02-2017, 20:08

I'm trying to bring my old MSX back to life but it shows nothing on screen, maybe the 9128 is damaged as it is responsible both for video output and clock generation. Any help? Thanks in advance.

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By hamlet

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07-02-2017, 20:11

Welcome Paulo!
Ask Repair Bas, he sure got a leftover of any vdps ever made.

By Junior

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14-02-2017, 20:14

Ebay € 4,05 free shipping ..

By RetroTechie

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17-02-2017, 15:37

^^^ Got a link? I see some € 4.xx MSX1 VDP's there, but no 9128 for that price...

Welcome here, Paulo! Big smile

I wouldn't go & replace random parts on a gamble. See what you can find out first:

Which MSX model are we talking about?
Do you have a voltmeter to check supply voltages on the main board?
What connector are you using for video output? (RGB / composite video / RF). Have you tried another video connector on this MSX?
Is cable known good / have you tested cable (or monitor) with another machine?
Do you have an external RAM cartridge?
If machine is switched on, power LED goes on?
If you hold [CAPS LOCK] pressed, does CAPS LOCK led flicker?
If you press [CRTL-G] on the keyboard, do you hear a beep?
If you switch on with a sound-producing (game) cartridge inserted, can you hear sound?

You see.. lots of things you could measure, test & try before bringing in replacement parts...

By hamlet

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20-02-2017, 00:46

Well spoken RetroTechie!
My approval!

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