Looking for MSX-Turbo R FS-A1GT

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By Grauw

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04-07-2015, 20:13

I had previously bought a cheap Chinese 230V-110V step-down transformer for my turboR, which works, but because Japan is actually using 100V I was supplying too much voltage to the machine. It’s within the allowed 10% margin, but it seems better for the longevity of the machine to give it a proper supply voltage. Also, I didn’t have much confidence in the safety of the Chinese transformer, there are plenty of scary stories on the net, and mine hums sometimes until I hit it (!). So, prompted by a mail conversation with Neo I started looking for a proper transformer.

Because Japan is pretty much the only country using 100V, it’s hard to find European-made step-down transformers to that voltage. However on the Japanese market they are easier to find, I ended up ordering the UT-130E, Made in Japan and it has overcurrent and thermal protection so it’s safe to use. Also its peak supply is 130W which should be more than enough for MSX.

You can find it on Rakuten, log in with your country and it will show you which shops will ship to your country, for me there were two shops which were shipping it abroad. I bought it from the sacom shop.

The step-down transformer itself cost €35, after adding shipping (€24), commision (€11) and import taxes (€12 + €18 handling fees) it set me back €100 in total.

I received it today, it seems to be doing its job, in silence, with the proper supply voltage and my peace of mind :).

By -Neo-

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05-07-2015, 22:40

I bought the same and I can confirm that it works perfectly.

By foobarry81

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07-07-2015, 22:54

I bought a manual voltage regulator (500W iirc, China made though) in a local electronics store for my MSX2+. Was €50 or so, but without the shipping and fees and VAT it ended up being a lot cheaper than your solution. It seems to pretty much be giving me the necessary 100 volt in a stable manner, so I think it's ok.

The only downside is that it's quite bulky.

By Retrofan

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08-07-2015, 16:35

-Neo- wrote:

Still looking for a Turbo R. Depending upon the state (scratches, boxed, manuals, system disks) and type (ST/GT) I am willing to pay between 300 and 800 EUR.

When I find one I let it know in this topic. Untill then I am open to offers.

And did you found one?

By -Neo-

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08-07-2015, 21:47

ST but still looking for GT

By barroidh

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09-07-2015, 11:58

By -Neo-

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09-07-2015, 23:19

probably he doesn't have it anymore:

"Publicado el 08/01/2014 | Visto 3.000 veces"

By anonymous

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10-07-2015, 12:52

You could always send him an e-mail to ask if he still has the Turbo R GT.

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By Wierzbowsky

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11-07-2015, 18:44

I would not recommend you to deal with this hondamsx guy. I had a bad experience with him as a salesman. He offered me an ST for a good price, but then he suddenly put it on ebay. I asked again to sell ST to me and he responded that I had to wait for the auction to end. After the auction ended (no one bet on that computer) I asked again. And the reply was that the computer was already sold. Right... Then he offered me a GT for 580 euro. Thanks, but no, thanks. I would not deal with him again.

By Grauw

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16-08-2020, 13:32

Since unfortunately the Rakuten Global Market site is shutting down next month, here is a link to the UT130E on the Sacom shop on the Japanese Rakuten site for future reference. You can still order there, albeit less conveniently because it’s in Japanese.

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