looking to buy a Sony HB-F1XDJ MSX2+

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By T.R.

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11-12-2018, 01:08

Meits wrote:

ps. avoid Sanyo MSX2+ machines. (a bit subjective but) They look like crap.

I disagree. The Panasonic and Sony 2+ machines both have this typical Japanese 80ies/90ies aesthetic. Actually, it's a lack of aesthetic. It's as if the engineers responsible for the inside also got to design the outside. Every square inch of the plastic box is used to advertise what's inside. It's the "outside as celebration of the inside" design philosophy. I do appreciate it, but I do not see it as good design. I appreciate it like I appreciate old Casio watches, which I like but don't wear.

Now, I agree that the Sanyo's have a bit of an ugly duckling vibe. However their design is rather unique and it's clear that they were trying to do something different. A bit like the old Saab 900, which is also ugly, but at the same time beautiful, and whatever you think of it, you can't deny it's a real design icon. The diskdrives-on-top aspect of the Sanyo's is also nice, and actually makes practical sense.

Meits: I demand that you to complete your collection and purchase all of the Sanyo Wavy 2+ series!!

By Grauw

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11-12-2018, 09:20

I demand the same!

By Meits

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11-12-2018, 11:53

I agree that the Sonys are big advertisements of themself. The 700P had a lot of that as well. The Panasonic machines are quite a bit modest in that area.
But then again, this is a subjective matter, I like the (how do you say that in english?) crowded designs.

Then now a question: Why would I buy those three? I'm never gonna use them.
Your answer: You're not using those shelved MSX2+es either cuz you have a turbo R on your desk.
Then I'd say: Crap, you got me, but I like to look at them and that they're functional. The Sanyo's lack that for me.

But on topic. Please go Panasonic. Sturdy, solid, modest, and option to go (somewhat) fast. Sony lacks all of that.

By Pencioner

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11-12-2018, 12:19

Sanyo Wavy 70FD keyboard is the best for typing. No Panasonic have even a close feel. Didn't have any Sony yet so can't tell about it, but it beats YIS503 on the keyboard too. So that i like Panasonics very much, and got A1WS, but when i do something which requires typing on the MSX i use Sanyo with no doubts Wink

By Manuel

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12-12-2018, 10:53

The 35 is so strangely appealing to me that I bought one a few years ago. The only original MSX2+ I own!

By hamlet

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14-12-2018, 06:26

Thanks for the hint Louthrax!

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