Loose cartidgles on sale Konami and other manofacturers

By daniel683104

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16-05-2014, 20:59

I do Have the following loose games for sale:

From Konami:

Ping Pong 12 euros
Sky Jaguar With Manual 16 euros
Konami Tenis 14 euros
Hyper Rally 14 euros
Hyper Olimpic 2 (Sony Version) 12 euros
Hyper Sports 2 14 euros
King Kong 20 euros
Frogger 55 euros
Yie Are Kung Fu (Jap rare cover not the regular from the standar game) 25 euros
Billards (Jap Version) 40 euros
Penant Race Dos 35 euros

Other Manofacturers:

Lode Runner 15 euros
Magical Kid wiz 20 euros
Choro Q 15 euros
Dig Dug 15 euros
Furapi Limited 12 euros
Dires 12 euros
Pac Man 15 euros
Casio Baseball 12 euros
Pitfall dos 15 euros
Dragon quest 12 euros
Ninja Kun Jaleco 15 euros
Tritorn 15 euros
R Type 35 euros
Mobile Planet 12 euros

The shipping cost are appart and starts for 9 euros as certify mail to most EU countries. You may contact me on

dcorreaib at telefonica.net

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By daniel683104

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18-05-2014, 09:46

PAC-MAN and DIG DUG sold.

By Denus

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27-05-2014, 13:11

And received: thanks!


By daniel683104

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31-05-2014, 13:58

R type sold

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