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By Alexey

Paragon (1113)

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17-08-2017, 21:43

I really wonder what those people (who sell 8 cassettes for 450 euros) think, if they think at all. Either they are living in a parallel world or they are just braindead.

By Manuel

Ascended (13382)

Manuel's picture

20-08-2017, 00:38

Checkout these prices for mostly common MSX tape games:

By MichelM

Expert (68)

MichelM's picture

24-08-2017, 21:13

By far the best deal for an MSX1 computer I've ever seen:

Sony MSX HB-10

Only $ 6,617 !!! What an amazing opportunity! :)

By rderooy

Master (137)

rderooy's picture

24-08-2017, 21:28

Yeah, that one has been up for sale for some time already. If you look back a few pages on this thread you will find it mentioned.

Strangely enough, it did not sell yet!

By MichelM

Expert (68)

MichelM's picture

24-08-2017, 21:32

That is really odd...... Smile This should sell in no-time!

By Fresh

Resident (56)

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01-09-2017, 07:48

The Nemesis 2 beta was won by a non-payer, so it's up along with a q-Bert and maze of Galious beta

I haven't heard of the other two before

By SonyTEL

Supporter (15)

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03-09-2017, 05:38

All these cartridges are false ... Knowing that Konami to grind all its prototypes ...
eBay is fantastic for the business! There are many pigeons as said in France ...
To make it simple, you have to stop the delirium.

By Latok

msx guru (3492)

Latok's picture

03-09-2017, 10:25

Well, they could be samples that were handed out to review magazines. No prototypes, just early copies for review purposes...

By Fresh

Resident (56)

Fresh's picture

03-09-2017, 17:24

There is a salamander there too

By Stt1

Master (186)

Stt1's picture

04-09-2017, 08:32

Yes, they are the early copies, samples for mags and so on. Afaik there has been found only very minor differencies between sample and final release versions.

All of these are not fake, but there is a pile of fakes around as one guy made them in past...

Also, few prototypes exists as well - they were taken from Konami UK lab by one worker before they were trashed.

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