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By Wolverine_nl

Paladin (856)

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29-03-2018, 09:21

Pencioner wrote:

Not sure if this one was mentioned here btw (i think i see it not for the first time btw) but still, the made with gold floppy interface anybody? Fractal interface, fractal margin price -

Well it is "new" and worth more than an average MSX2

By sd_snatcher

Prophet (2726)

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30-03-2018, 19:47

Fractal2000 is locked out of his MRC account due to password issues, so he asked me to post this here for him:

That link is from a reseller, being sold way above the original price. Fractal2000 himself sells the his interfaces in a complete kit at a much better price at this eBay link.

And he also sells the stand-alone interface here.

By Pencioner

Champion (494)

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30-03-2018, 23:37

@sd_snatcher Yep and i'm aware that Fractal2000 is selling the same interface for it's real price, though Smile i probably should mention that in my message, sorry for any inconvenience, my apologies

By Fresh

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05-04-2018, 22:22

By Pencioner

Champion (494)

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15-04-2018, 23:03

While we wondered for price of 1600 USD for the YIS805R here, there's another lot of the same magnitude
in the good condition

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