MSX games for sale ( mosly konami )

By Abdulhaleem

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09-11-2017, 01:03

Hello im abdulhaleem alsolaimani
I have bunch of msx titles for sale
Send your offers to :
Shipping from saudi arabia
Buyer pays shipping
List of the games :
Msx games :
Athletic land
Konami football
Yie ar kung fu2
The castle
The castle excellent
F-1 sprint
Konami tennis
Sky jaguar
Circus charlie
Antarctic adventure1
Antarctic adventure 2
Strategic confrontation
Dig dug
Kings valley 1
Kings valley 2
The goonies
Hyper sports 3
Sword prince action rpg
Konami boxing
Nemesis 2
Nemesis 3

I can send more pictures upon request

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By brawaga

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24-10-2019, 05:03

Hi. What's language in games? Are they Japanese?

By hamlet

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25-10-2019, 15:30

By Meits

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25-10-2019, 17:33

In other words: Look at the date of the original post and ask yourself how likely it is that the seller still has the merchandise after two years Hannibal