MSX games from Akihabara for sale

By ColorComputerStore

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31-07-2017, 15:45

Hello, my first post here!

I went back to Japan last month and visited Akihabara in Tokyo. While there I picked up a bunch of MSX computers (need some power supplies) and also some games.

Some of the games I don't need so I'd like to sell them. Here are my eBay listings...
(BTW, I tested each game to make sure they work.)

Championship Soccer ( Futbol / Football ) by Pony Canyon - MSX Game
Mini Golf - MSX Game
Twin Bee (Twinbee) - MSX Game (Japan) (I have two copies)
Pac-Man - MSX Game
Konami Soccer ( Futbol / Football ) - MSX Game
MSX Baseball - MSX Game
Color Midway - MSX Game
Exciting Baseball - MSX Game
Dig Dug - MSX Game

Thank you so much,

Color Computer Store

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By ColorComputerStore

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04-08-2017, 15:13

Can someone comment on my prices? Too high? Just right? Titles suck? This is the first batch of MSX games I picked up.


By Latok

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04-08-2017, 15:30

The games need box+manual Smile

By Louthrax

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04-08-2017, 16:35

I think shipping from US to Europe might also be a blocker here. MSX Baseball is 15$, which is more or less in the average eBay pricing, but shipping is 25$. Could be interesting for US customers though.

By gdx

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04-08-2017, 17:00

I think shipping is too expensive for a cartridge without box nor manual.
You can send it into an envelope at the normal rate. These are quite common titles.

By Hydragon

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07-08-2017, 09:23

In the past we had listings here for games boxed and manual for 15/25 euro, combined shipment was just 1 price. That were to me reasonable prices, these days on the web prices for loose carts etc, are simply over the top in my opinion. So just waiting patiently when something nice will show up again. For me it's a hobby which has to be fun, not some cashcow, but ey that's just me. I hope for ya, you'll have luck on selling them.

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