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By eimaster

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16-11-2017, 15:46

I didn't know you need inside pictures of AX-170! I have 2 of them. I'll take some pictures for every one of them 'cos I think they differ in CPU type used. I also have AX-230 which looks the same as AX-170 but it has one slot 'cos the 2nd slot is used internally to hold 30 built-in softwares (mostly games) and it's gray in color. I'll make some internal pictures of it too. I also have AX-370 but when I bought it, it wasn't working properly. After turning it on, MSX logo runs smothly, then Arabic Sakhr logo runs smothly too, then instead of displaying the menu of the built-in software, it restarts automatically as if someone pressed the RESET button! I have an MSX mouse (MK MOUSE II 8722071 WACHI ELECTRONICS CO., JAPAN). External floppy disk drive (Micro Floppy Drive Unit, model AFD-01K, manufactured by Victor Company of Japan Limited, Tokyo, Japan). SVI-709 Network Interface Card (MSX cartridge).

SVI-3x8 I got:

  1. An SVI-328 without the power supply unit.
  2. Two SVI 904 Data Cassette Recorder/Player (one of them is broken).
  3. 809 Network Interface Card.

I also have an Arabic Atari 65XE Nagm but I lost it's power supply unit and it's data cassette recorder (too bad for me).

By rderooy

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17-11-2017, 11:09

As Manuel mentioned, for the AX370 he needs a picture of the systemboard to verify which revision MSX-Engine chip it has. It is suspected that it is a Toshiba T9769A.

The AX230 would need more then just pictures, it also would need ROM dumps and information returned by some of the other tools such as how the ROMs are laid out and such.

If you know or suspect the two AX170 systems are not identical, that would also be nice to know more about.

Lastly, I don't know if the ROM of the AFD-01K has ever been dumped, to see if it is identical to the JVC/Victor model. So that may also be nice to dump if your doing dumps anyway.

By Manuel

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21-11-2017, 00:14

For those willing to help: you should know that doing little bits at a time is fine. So no need to make this a large project. One machine at a time is fine. Anything is better than nothing! I hope to see some first info being posted here in the near future... Take it easy!

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