MSX Stuff to sell (Special offer for USA collectors)

By daniel683104

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28-02-2015, 16:42

I will have in the USA due work on march and I could sent this articles by local postal rates and no delays for customs and international shipment.

This is a brief list of hardware:

National CF 1200 MSX1 on mint condition 40 euros
Game Pads 25 euros each
Casio Joysticks 20 euros each
Various Panasonic thermal printers at 45 euros each. Ask About models
National Data Recorder RQ8030 30 euros
And this list of software.

Complete games

Darwing 4078 75 euros
War Of The Dead 80 euros
Penant Race 55 euros
Penant Race 2 55 euros
Yie Are Kung Fu 45 euros
King Kong 2 55 euros
Xak The Art Of Visual Stage 45 euros
Dragon Slayer 6 The legend of heroes 60 euros
XZR 2 40 euros
Romancia 35 euros
Namcot Baseball 35 euros
Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter 40 euros
Relics 55 euros
Warroid 50 euros
Formation Z (no manual) 35 euros
Ninja Jaja Mare Kun Jaleco JX11 55 euros
Pachinko UFO 25 euros
Casio Ninja Battle at full moon GPM-128 48 euros
Laptick 2 45 euros
Golf Game ASCii 30 euros
Maghjong Mia 20 euros
Panasonic Fm PAC 75 euros
Hyper Rally (No manual) 25 euros
Juno First (No Manual) 25 euros

Loose games

Hyper Rally 12 euros
Frogger 50 euros
King kong 20 euros
Shalom 25 euros
Vampire Killer 45 euros
Panasonic PAC 20 euros
Penguin Adventure Mini Eu ed + Box 70 euros
Penant Race 30 euros
Penant Race 2 30 euros

Shipment will be calculate after knowing wish material and zip code.

You may contact me on this email for more info and pictures

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