MSX Turbo R A1ST for sale

By KriX

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23-03-2014, 16:32

I sold my A1ST, in perfect condition (not yellowed), internal power supply 230V, 512Ko RAM upgrade. Video cable included.
Box in medium state, polystyrene OK.
Floppy drive need a new drive belt (old one has been removed) but works perfectly.
Asking 390€.

Shipping to Fr is 18€, to EU:36€ out of EU , please get in touch with me.

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By GuilianSeed

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23-03-2014, 23:28

Nice item with beautifull keyboard !

By Opethian

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24-03-2014, 19:16

do you happen to have the 110V transformer still?

By Opethian

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24-03-2014, 19:18

would love this if you had the original power supply perhaps?

By KriX

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24-03-2014, 19:57

Sorry, I didn't keep the original power supply.

By petronio

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25-03-2014, 21:36

I have an original tr st 110v transformer, I removed that one and replaced it with a 220v one

pm if you need it Smile

By msx fan finland

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26-03-2014, 15:54

quite nice tr. i also do have originally 110 v transformer so send mail if anyone want it .