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By magicman

Resident (45)

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07-06-2017, 22:40

I am searching for these Msx VHD PC interaction games, complete with box and manual :

Birdie Try
Xevious Map
Alice in chemical reaction
Video Scramble

I can pay from 500 to 1000 euro each.

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By djh1697

Paragon (1387)

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08-06-2017, 00:10

as rare as "hen's teeth" as they say in England

By magicman

Resident (45)

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08-06-2017, 22:25

lol , yes , maybe Wink

By rderooy

Champion (507)

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09-06-2017, 00:00

If you do manage to lay your hands on any VHD software, please help us out with some product pictures and/or screenshots to add to GenMSX where missing.

By magicman

Resident (45)

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09-06-2017, 22:00


By Manuel

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11-06-2017, 22:36

I just saw a video about VHD: It even mentions MSX :)

By sniper22477

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12-06-2017, 18:58

Hi Manuel,

JVC Victor HC-90 with HD-9500 VHD player. It is like Pioneer Palcom.



By Manuel

Ascended (15287)

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20-06-2017, 21:20

So, what was it again? Is the software on a separate tape/disk? Or is it also on the VHD itself, like the Palcom system?

By Ota231

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21-06-2017, 07:52

Hello Manuel, are both ways. Some games require a cassette or disk + VHD and other games only the VHD that already contains the contents of the tape inside it, in this case it resembles the palcom system. Regards

By Manuel

Ascended (15287)

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21-06-2017, 10:20

Can you make a list of which games require what?

I'm currently aware of the following VHD games, but I don't know whether they have separate or encoded programs:

  • Highway Star (unreleased?)
  • VIA-1: VROOM - Motorcycle Race
  • VIA-2: The Players Club
  • VIA-3: Alice in Chemical Reaction: Alice's Chemical Laboratory
  • VIA-5: Star Arthur Densetsu; Wakusei Mephius (Star Arthur Legend; Planet Mephius)
  • VIA-1001: Thunder Storm (the helicopter game magicman showed?)
  • VIA-1501: Game Kit: Video Scramble
  • VIA-1502: Game Kit: Xevious Map
  • MVIA-101: Birdie Try (a golf game, I guess)
  • MVIA-102: Time Gal
  • MVIA-103: Road Blaster (is that the racing game magicman showed?)

See also
It already lists some games to come with tape. Can you confirm and/or extend this information?

Also, any idea what VIA-4 is? (Perhaps that was for Highway Star?)

Oh, see also where you can even modify stuff if you want. E.g. that article says all software was provided on tape, not encoded on the VHD.

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