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By magicman

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21-06-2017, 22:52

Yes on the website is wrote perfectly what games need tape.
Highway star never released.

Tha player`s club is a casino game.
Star arthur is a lasergame
Thunderstorm and roadblaster are games i shown
Time gal is a lasergame as dragon`s lair

By digital_morrison

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29-06-2017, 20:54

Thunder Storm and Road Blaster are two of the best examples of the genre. For some reason, Thunder Storm is called Cobra Command in the USA, which was confusing with all the other "Cobra" "Copter" etc. games that were around back then. I always liked Road Blaster because of the similarity to Riding Bean and other crazy gearhead anime.

From what I remember the best examples of these interactive video titles are: Dragon's Lair/Space Ace + sequels, Esh's Arunmilla, Thunder Storm, Road Blaster, Badlands, Time Gal, Cliffhanger (re-cut Lupin III anime), and Ninja Hayate(?). SEGA also put out several very early video-based titles, i.e. Astron Belt. The best versions are always the full original arcade versions (of course).

With the MSX titles, I think the MSX computer was used primarily to draw the HUD, player ship, and overlays like that, while the disk reader streamed the HQ video backgrounds. Even with later formats like the PSX, the video quality could never match the original versions...

In all my searching, the best way to experience these games is to get a Daphne emulator pack, which will include a number of games ready to play, as well as legal ways to buy the more-protected titles. But it's only a subsection of the overall genre, unfortunately.

By rjp

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29-06-2017, 22:43

sniper22477 wrote:

Hi Manuel,

JVC Victor HC-90 with HD-9500 VHD player. It is like Pioneer Palcom.



Wow, malware at this site. Maybe it should be sanitized. :D

By digital_morrison

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29-06-2017, 23:35

oh, and IIRC there's a version of Road Blaster for Android and/or Apple which actually looks kind of awesome (thumbs on the screen to control, big shuddering hood in view). plus, if you're really obscure, you have to have the Super Famicom cartridge-based version O_o

By sniper22477

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30-06-2017, 14:00

Hi rgp,

The above link has issues .... Below link works with no issues :

Sorry and thanks for your feedback



By sniper22477

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30-06-2017, 14:02

Dear All,

Copy the above link and paste on your browser and will work perfectly.



By seanyoung

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04-07-2017, 10:37

I'm very interested in reverse engineering this set up so everyone can enjoy it in an emulator. Is there any information available on the pinouts of the cable or how command to the player are sent?
In the palcom setup, commands are sent using nec ir protocol over one wire, and an ack is sent back over another wire (with the ack being asserted while the command is not complete). So it's a simple two-wire

By digital_morrison

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05-07-2017, 06:40

tons of info on LD games here:

i'm trying to determine whether Thunder Storm used an actual MSX inside the arcade cabinet...?

it used a Sony disc player, this would be close to MSX era, right?

By rderooy

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05-07-2017, 14:11

There is actually a Victor IF-7900 VHD interface adapter for MSX up on yahoo auctions right now. But bidding is already at 101000 yen.

By Stt1

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08-07-2017, 11:04

That auction ended already.

And I believe my trade offer will be cheaper than that. And if the winner of that Yahoo-auction bought it via bidding-proxy the end price including bidding costs, shipping inside Japan, re-packing, shipping to destination and taxes (when arriving to other country) will be a lot higher...

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