MSX2 + Sony HB F1 XDJ for sale

By daniel683104

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05-01-2018, 15:57

I have just finished to tune up this sony MSX2+ HB F1 XDJ.

The computer is as always 100% funtional and very well looking. This are the extra values:

512K RAM internal memory upgrade
New PC adapted FDD diskdrive (no more problems with the belt on the future)
All Capacitators have been changes (a lot of them) so no sound problea will be happening)

the pictures speak by itself (actually the computer look better on real), as you may see no diference is notice on the FDD side .

Price is 350 euros + shipment

This kind of computer is not on sale very often as you know and with this memory upgrade and capacitors Exchange almost imposible to find in this moment.

Those interested write to my adress


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By daniel683104

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13-01-2018, 12:01

Soon i will have other two Units available on msx2+ from Sony models

HB f1 XV
HB F1 XDJ with the big original sticker on the front

By janr

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21-01-2018, 17:35

Nice machine,
Can you do somehing with the price?

By djh1697

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22-01-2018, 13:16

beautiful machine...!

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