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By Retrofan

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21-01-2014, 19:27

snout wrote:

How about joining forces with MSXARM? That Cortex 4 based Z80 & R800 compatible thingamagjig sounded damn interesting to me.

The spirit of MSX would prefer the introduction of 1 new CPU as apposed to 2 different ones, right?

That's a very good idea snout! Combine both projects!

By o.geerdink

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21-01-2014, 20:09

Ez80 should be used with hd resolution, msx box like dosbox in windows

By KdL

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21-01-2014, 20:32

Yeah! I feel that here all users are very hungry of a new MSX!!! Smile

By Tecnobytes

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22-01-2014, 00:33

Hi people!

One more time, we like to thank you all by the ideas and comments!

The project is in final stage and was a real challenge. But we love a challenge!

We don't want to antecipate the final spec because something can change in last minute...

We ask you little more patience.

Big hug!

By Maggoo

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22-01-2014, 04:21

Can't wait to find out more about it. Are we talking about a full computer with specific case or a motherboard to put in 3rd party case? If it's a motherboard, I hope it's Mini ITX, would make for a more "MSX appropriate" form factor ;-)

By Retrofan

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22-01-2014, 08:48

Would be cool if ASCII / D4Enterprise could mass-produce this computer like the OCM if they like the project as well... Then maybe also the price could be somewhat lower. Smile

By Tecnobytes

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22-01-2014, 13:38


What mean for you "mass-produce"? How many machines?

By Manuel

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22-01-2014, 14:08

OCM was about 5000, IIRC.... but of course they checked interest before producing.

By Retrofan

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22-01-2014, 18:52

Tecnobytes wrote:


What mean for you "mass-produce"? How many machines?

Hi Tecnobytes, I hope indeed for 5000 pieces just like the OCM did, but maybe more because the technical specifications are better Smile Don't know if this could be reality these days...

By Dreamerm42

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22-01-2014, 22:16

I just get stunned by this comment , which is V9990 MSX and not Standar and is a complement exotic ...

V9990 , I ask that you would think if MSX instead of containing a single VDP VDP contains the MSX1 and MSX2 other side? no serious MSX ?

The superimpose is something that has existed since the beginning of MSX, allows superimpose with V9958 V9990 is the most advanced appeared to MSX vdp , you can create ways for MSX2 / 2 + and if you feel in that mode for v9990 ...

But to say that is not MSX v9990 , is like saying that neither is Moonsound , HDD devices later devices, SD cards, Beer cards either ...

In short, everything appeared to commercial death of MSX and yet BlueMSX if supported.

To say that only the Pseudo emulators may have an interest is a lack of respect for all those who want to develop that kind of hard . Ustede should be above that ...

You know what is the biggest difference between OpenMSX and BlueMSX ?

OPEN that has a user interface that can cost novice learn, then ...

Many MSX emulator for multiple platforms, do not think that your program is infallible or needs improvement ...

An greeting and I withdraw the conversation

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