new msx2 and msx2+ on sale

By daniel683104

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07-03-2018, 19:19

this two computers are ready to be sold.

Model MSX2 Panasonic FS A1F with box, styro foams and manual.
Computer is modify so it could be operated at 100 or 220 volts
Memory expanded to 128 K RAM
New FDD belt
working 100% and cleaned
includes a msx Panasonic printer FS PK1 and the RCA Cable as well as RGB Cable

The Price for the whole set is 300 + shipping.

This Panasonic FS A1 WX is also available

Computer is 100% checked
512K Ram expanded internally
New FDD Belt
Cleaned as always

Price is 350 euros + shipping

you may contact me for more info on

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