By Warchild

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04-03-2010, 16:48

SD Snatcher Complete 150€
Metal Gear 2 Complete 210€
Hyper olympic 1 (sony) boxed 26€
Hyper Olympic 2 (sony) boxed 26€
F1 Spirit EUR boxed 38€
Space Manbow Complete 164€
Yie Ar Kung Fu Complete 35€
Hyper Sports 2 Complete 48€
Track & field 1 JAP boxed 26€
Hyper Rally Complete 31€
Gryzor Complete 105€
King Kong 2 Complete 42€
Pennant Race 2 Complete 50€
F1 Spirit JAP Complete 88€
Shalom Complete 50€
Ganbare Goemon Complete 78€
Konami's Golf boxed 23€
Hyper Sports 1 Complete 32€
Crazy Train Complete 42€
Salamander JAP Complete 78€

also selling...

Hole in One Special MSX2 (HAL) boxed 22€

TRACK-BALL Sony with box and instrictions 35€

LIGHT PEN Sanyo MLP-001 31€

Sega MegaDrive + MegaCDII + 2 pads + Original Sega DC Apdapters + Sonic The Hedgehog + 3 MegaCD games: Final Fight + NBA Jam + Road Avenger - 68€

The pads don't work fine, they need clean and/or fix up. Megadrive and MegaCDII tested and working OK.

Remember, prices including shipping to EU countries, save 6€ for each additional game!

Trade chance: I need one good working SATA harddisk for PC, at least 500Gb


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By kwilting

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05-03-2010, 09:32

You have mail.

By ashame

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09-03-2010, 19:27

Hones seller. Received my games in very good condition. Thank you! LOL!

By Warchild

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11-03-2010, 12:38

Gryzor and... Metal Gear 2... SOLD!!! oO wow I feel like Pep Guardiola if someone had bought Leo Messi!!! Crying

Just joking Wink I'm happy the new owner is a good guy LOL!

Thanks a lot!!!!