NMS 8280 frontplate

By Gregory

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29-09-2017, 14:52

I have a 8280 with a broke frontplate so I was wondering if someone has a front panel for sale.

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By Grauw

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29-09-2017, 14:59

Could ask Bas, he might have one, but it's a common problem, the plastic is very brittle so it may be difficult. Last time I talked with him he was talking about 3D printing iirc...

By Alexey

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29-09-2017, 15:34

Yes, the front panels are very fragile. I had to fix mine with tons of glue after the computer was damaged during shipment. Bas surely has some of these in stock, so as Grauw said - he is your only hope. Smile

By Gregory

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29-09-2017, 18:14

Okay, I'll give Bas a try.

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