Philips Music Modules for sale (10 pieces)

By Repair-Bas

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11-07-2010, 19:31


I found a batch of 10 Philips Music Modules.

There are with or without box.

They are now for sale.

It is also possible to buy one complete with 256 kB Sample Ram and Audio-Basic

Loose Philips Music Module 25,--
Boxed Philips Music Module 35,--
Loose Philips Music Module with extention 55,--
Boxed Philips Music Module with extension 65,--

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By msx-er

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03-08-2012, 18:51

Hello Repair-Bas, do you still have one boxed or without box of Philips Music Module with extension for 65/55 euro? How to contact you?

By msx-er

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11-08-2012, 12:03

Bought a Philips Music Module
Topic can be closed

By Meits

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12-08-2012, 14:58

If you bought one, there's stil nine left, so I don't see a reason for closing the topic.

By Capitan_Goto

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30-08-2012, 11:42

Hi...I´m interested in one of these full upgraded units...still availables??