Purschasing MSX in Japan

By Maggoo

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15-04-2003, 13:51

I bumped into the auction site of Yahoo japan and there are truly some interesting MSX items available on it (rare MSX machines and games), not to mention prices are amazingly low compared to what we can find on Ebay... The biggest problem is making contact with the sellers. Most seem to be reluctant of shipping abroad !

Does someone have a contact in Japan that would be willing to be an intermediate for shipping second hand stuffs from Japan ?

That would be a win-win for everyone: Japanese seller might get a better deal on their MSX, intermediate can make a few extra $$ and buyers would be able to find rare machines (in Europe) at a decent price...

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By snout

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15-04-2003, 13:55

There are a few people who do this. However, keep the following in mind

1) Shipping from Japan to 'overseas' takes long and costs a LOT. If you want to ship an MSX computer, add a hundred bucks for shipping.

2) People who offer this service often want some money as well. The person who deals with this the most makes about 30 to 40 percent profit on money exchange (dollar <> yen) alone.

3) It takes a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time before your goods arrive Wink

By Maggoo

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15-04-2003, 14:31

True but could still be worth it for buying more than one machine at a time. For instance Fedex has some offers for shipping from Japan boxes of 25kg (guess that would be 4-5 machines) within a week for 209Euros I beleive. So it already makes it more affordable.

40% for exchange fee seems a bit... ehm... excessive. But again with higher volumes and perhaps tools like paypal, these percentages could be somewhat lower.

Just my 2eurocents Smile

By Bart

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16-04-2003, 17:25

Indeed some people (uh?) do this. But I can tell you that you really need to make sure you're buying something that's worth the hassle.

Japanase Auctions don't ship to foreign countries 99,99999% of the time.
So you'll need someone who's willing to accept the goods within Japan, let him/her send it again to you. That means postage & packing within japan -and- to europe. Then after that, the person willing to accept your package in japan is not doing that for nothing. After that add your exchange rates and insurance.

All in all it's not worth it when trying to grab a couple of games or 2 or 3 machines.
I can tell you from personal experience for example that getting 1 turbo R machine to europe this way costs you about 250 euro. And i'm not a talking about GT.
So that is hardly worth the effort as you can get turbo r's at that price in EU too and don't have the risk of your package getting lost somewhere in Asia or that the machine isn't functioning at all.

By Argon

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30-04-2003, 09:26

I order MSX stuff from Japan on a regular base.
If you are interested in some stuff, let me know.

Be warned that I use slow surface mail from japan and shipments take up to 2 months to arrive !
It is also not possible for me to use my own money for this cause, so you would have to pay up front !


By Casman16

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20-08-2003, 23:55

Meh, shipping of the MSX does not cost one hundred dollars.... It costs about 35 USD...

By Bart

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21-08-2003, 09:57

Meh, shipping of the MSX does not cost one hundred dollars.... It costs about 35 USD...

You should learn to read. No one said anything about the shipping costs of 1 MSX. What was said (by me) is that the complete transfer of 1 MSX turbo R will cost around that. Why? Read my first reply again..

But nevertheless, if you get MSX Turbo R's to Europe for 35 bucks, i'll ship with you next time, okay?