For Sale - Philips NMS8280 complete set

By frankn1974

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18-05-2013, 13:46

Complete MSX2 set comprising of:

- Philips NMS8280 MSX2 Videocomputer, with mouse and keyboard
- Philips VS0080 colourmonitor
- Philips NMS1520 MSX datarecorder
- Philips AV7300 TV Tuner (aerial is missing)
- Arcade Joystick
- Various games on tape and disc (Leather Skirts, Chess game, Krak out and Jack the Nipper)

All requireds leads and cables are included as well as the manuals (except for the monitor). Fixed price EURO 75,-

For pictures:

Also I am willing to trade the complete set (or parts) for Aackosoft and/or Gremlin Graphics games that I am still missing.

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By Pablibiris

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18-05-2013, 15:59

Hi! Tell to me wich games you want Smile
I'm interested in the computer ^^
My email is: Pablibiris (at) msn (dot) com

By msx fan finland

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20-05-2013, 09:57

hi pablo.
Did you got that msx tr cause you sell this nice msx?
We can chat more about this.

Im changing my msx collection too.