For Sale some little things: Music Module, Joystick, Barcode, Turbo 5000

By Repair-Bas

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14-08-2011, 14:48

I have some little Things for sale.
Shipping worldwide

- Philips Music Module in box (tape is missing) with modified ROM 35,--
- Turbo 5000 Utility cartridge in box with manual 7,50
- Sony JS-55 original MSX Joystick 5,--
- MSX Barcode Reader 10,--

Please sent me an email or a reaktion and I sent you the shipping-costs to your country


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By Warchild

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15-08-2011, 10:13

Hi, I'm interesed (maybe in all the items). Please, send email with shipping costs to Spain and some pictures if you can. Thank You


By faxerpelle

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16-08-2011, 17:42

I'm interested in the joystick if it is stil for sale. Shipping costs to Italy?

By Repair-Bas

Paladin (969)

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18-08-2011, 08:15

Music module is sold
Joystick is sold
Turbo 5000 is sold

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