For sale/trade: Konami's Mahjong (boxed) & Frogger (loose)

By Rouhija

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20-01-2007, 18:07

Up for sale or trade Konami's Mahjong (boxed) and Frogger (loose).

Mahjong 1
Mahjong 2
Mahjong 3
Mahjong 4
Mahjong 5
Mahjong 6
Mahjong 7

Frogger 1
Frogger 2

The condition can be seen from the pictures. The box of Mahjong has some wear and some tears. But the box stands still well. The cart has also some wear. The frogger cart is pretty good condition.

I'm looking for in trade Magical Tree (only complete) and some older Sony games. I also might sell the games if I get reasonable offer. Payment by paypal.

Send me trade/purchase offers to----->

I can take more pictures if needed.

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