Selling my second konami set, almost complete

By eskroto

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04-02-2018, 17:08

Hello everyone.
Im selling my second konami set. I have found that im too lazy to finish it and i need some cash for my japanese super famicom set. Almost all the rares are there just missing some common games
Not pictured but games like Badlands, Comic Bakery japanese and others are also available

You can check all the pictures here:

Facebook link

I will put all the games in ebay in a few days, meanwhile feel free to make offers for any of the games. I will give priority to offers for the full set.

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By eskroto

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04-02-2018, 22:03

All the games are complete except Juno First.
Japanese big box games and european small boxes (Metal Gear, KV2, etc) are almost all of them like new

By Manuel

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04-02-2018, 23:28

I have a list of missing items, but I expect the prices to be higher than what I would like to spend on these things...

By black hawk

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05-02-2018, 02:03

I am intersted ... What do you want for your collection? Send me a PM please, i live in Germany.

By eskroto

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05-02-2018, 09:10

I will reply to everyone as soon as possible. I have several offers for the full set and that has priority.

By wyrdwad

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05-02-2018, 11:14

I hesitate to ask what you'd charge for Space Manbow, but... what would you charge for Space Manbow? Wink

Also curious what you'd charge for Gofer no Yabou.

That's IF you don't sell the whole set, anyway. Which is a big if, as I'm sure you're going to get some damned fine offers for it.


By Scubaduiker

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08-02-2018, 23:28

Hi, I would be very interested in the metal gear eur version. Please sent a pm.

By janr

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11-02-2018, 11:33

Please indicate what price for the total you are thinking of.
Maybe interested.

By eskroto

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13-02-2018, 21:30

Synthesizer and Video Hustler sold

By eskroto

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13-02-2018, 23:15

All the other games available in ebay
ebay link

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