Selling yamaha MSX stuff bulk

By Gnosis.Antiquarius

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28-05-2008, 23:31

Hoping to sell all my MSX stuff at once - have a 10 month old daughter and now realize I'll never have time to use it again. This is what I've got (that I can remember) hoping to sell inside US because shipping anywhere else would probably be insane. Make me an offer, I'm desperate for money!

yamahacx5m (w/ box and manuals)
yamaha yk10 keyboard (w/ box)
phillips cassette drive
phillips mouse
pacman cart
dragoin quest 5 cart
quest for saangrail (sp?) new cart
yrm101, 102, 103, 301, 501 (I think these are the numbers - I've got the DX7 programming cart with box manual and overlay)

also, if interested, got the DX7 synth, the tx216 synth, the rx11 drum machine, the qx21 sequencer, the mss1 synchronizer, and the rex50 effects unit.

contact me at

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By dhau

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29-05-2008, 08:17

This is much more interest to musicians who like early 80 synths then MSX enthusiasts. Please try eBay, you'll most likely get a lot more $$$.