SFG-05 clone batch #3 pre-order thread

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By da_Dude

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06-05-2019, 15:56

Mail sent. count me in for 1 also. \0/ color option would be nice btw.
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By Omega

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07-05-2019, 16:11

Current list:

  1. -Neo-
  2. uberjack
  3. jadkins
  4. syn
  5. Dioniso
  6. grauw
  7. DRomero
  8. Haze
  9. ibantxuyn
  10. termini
  11. tacop
  12. Latok
  13. tyr105
  14. zaffini
  15. imdutch2
  16. boriss07
  17. SceneCAT

Another thing: I assume that most of you don't want the audio from the SFG cart going to the MSX slot audio input. It doesn't really affect the audio quality of the stereo output though. But if you do want audio going to the MSX please mention it since it involves soldering two resistors.


By Alexey

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08-05-2019, 13:16

I actually suggest to do the opposite - solder the resistors by default unless someone tells not to do that. Not everyone uses a separate audio output for the amplifier/mixer.

By Grauw

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08-05-2019, 00:09

I removed the audio connection into the MSX on my original SFG-05. My reason was that when combined with the PSG, if the YM2151 is on the mono internal signal too, it doesn’t mix well with the stereo external signal on my mixer (they fight and cancel out).

By importho

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08-05-2019, 10:45

Mail Sent.

Want to buy one.

Count me in please.

By Omega

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08-05-2019, 14:11

What Grauw says, it gives problems when playing SFG + internal PSG + MSX Audio in a stereo mix..

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