Some spanish tapes and a couple of cartridges for sale or trade

By Tolvatar

Paladin (958)

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09-01-2018, 19:31

Aspar (Big cardboard box)
Out Run
Capitan Sevilla
Emilio Butragueño 2 (Double jewel case with 2 tapes)
Flinstones (Picapiedra) (Double jewel case)
Strip Poker II Plus
Jump Jet
Emilio Butragueño
Rambo III
Superstar Challenge
Running Man

1 game 5€
3 games for 10€

El mejor MSX 3: Caple
Turbo MSX Nº2
MSX Games Nº4: Xider
MSX Software Nº 3
MSX Software Nº 4
MSX Software Nº 10
MSX Software Nº 11

1 tape: 2€
3 tapes: 5€
All 7 tapes: 10€

Tapes only (jewel case included but no manual)

Ten Great Games: 2 tapes
Chuck Yeager´s
Jump Challenge

Each tape 1€. All 6 tapes 3€


Nemesis 1 complete: 45€
Goonies: Box, inner plastic and cartridge. Cover has writings . 20€

If you are interested in something please write me to:
tolvatar2k3 at hotmail dot com

I send photos and answer your questions as soon as possible.

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By brawaga

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24-10-2019, 04:48

Hi. Sold any?