Sony MSX2+ F1-XDJ with extras for sell

By daniel683104

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19-03-2012, 16:52

I have this MSX2+ Sony F1-XDJ for sell. The RAM memory has been upgrade from its original 64K to 256K, so almost every MSX game will work. The disk drive has new belt so it works ok. Everything has been check and cleaned to get the result you see on the pictures.

The asking price is 190 euros + shipment (to most EU countries around 40 euros).
There is a chance of get the computer transformer done to work on 220V for extra 30 euros so NO aditional step down transformer will be needed.

to contact me:

dcorreaib at

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By cr4zymanz0r

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21-03-2012, 02:33

Hey, I'm interested in this so I sent you an email Smile

By daniel683104

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22-03-2012, 18:40

computer is sold