Soviet hand made

By RetroTechie

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18-05-2019, 00:05

Anyone spot this on the "Right now on eBay" side panel?

MSX floppy disk drive 5,25" - soviet hand made

Gotta love it:

  • 5,25"
  • ex-USSR chips (? Eastern block anyway)
  • what looks like a decapped memory chip on the interface board
  • an EPROM on the floppy drive's controller board. Can't remember ever having seen that before...
  • a power supply built when dinosaurs still walked the earth
  • all in a hand made, PC-sized wooden case
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    By rderooy

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    18-05-2019, 07:51

    That cartridge does not look like it would fit a typical MSX cartridge slot.

    By Pencioner

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    18-05-2019, 10:56

    in Soviet Union, if something doesn't fit, it is your business to extend the aperture so you could put it in LOL!

    PS kidding of course but that statement has some truth in it. i remember because i born in USSR and i remember despite i was a kid that actually some of goodies has defects and since there was an underproduction and deficit of goodies all the time, people just were fixing as much as they can themselves instead of returning