Looking for Spectravideo SVI-213

By the Allemagne

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30-08-2021, 14:52

i‘am new hier, i come from Germany, and i‘am a MSX fan since first a hour. I have all my MSX computers from 1998
and i works with Spectravideo systems. I have a SVI-728 with a SVI-707 and the 80 column card.
Than i have a SVI-738 with the second disk SVI-787 and i have a RS 232 from SVI.
I works with the original software from SVI, Wordstar, Calcstar, Supercalc, i have CP/M 2.2 for the 738, and i have CP/M 3.0
and original Multiplan for my MSX 2, the Sony HBD 700.
I search from Spectravideo the cartridge SVI-213, i will connect the 707 with my other MSX computers.
Who has this cartridge and would exchange it for an SVI-787, second disk for 738 ?
I have it double
best regards

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By the Allemagne

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11-09-2021, 08:53

hello Spectravideo user
who works with a MSX Spectravideo system and CP/M 2.2. ?
I work with a 738 and a 2nd disk 787
as well as with a 728 and the disk 707
I would be happy to hear from you,
my email santa.eularia@googlemail.com

By hamlet

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11-09-2021, 13:20

Welcome the Allemagne.
Interessting to hear some one still works with CP/M.
I still believe it is an underrated system in our ages. Is there still a scene with new developments or is it more a museal society?


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12-09-2021, 01:23

the Allemagne wrote:

i will connect the 707 with my other MSX computers.

a little warning to spare you from great disappointments... SVI-707 has programming bug that causes it to crash with many MSX models. Here is some more information on the subject.

By Briqunullus

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12-09-2021, 19:27

Since the SVI-213 is just a pass through interface, maybe the interface cartridge from a slot expander may work as well? Has anyone tried such a thing?

By sdsnatcher73

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12-09-2021, 20:55

I checked this and imho the 8bits4ever slot expander should work (the key on the connector may be different but the pinout should work), also one should be able to use it directly on a Goldstar FC-200.