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05-10-2003, 15:08

I am clearing out some stuff, and before I throw it away I thought it might be a good idea to see if someone else would want to have some of it. They are mainly books, and some old software. If you are interested, drop me a note. Also, if you know someone who might be interested, please pass this list on. Maybe there are some people on club meetings interested.

I will keep the items for perhaps a couple of weeks, perhaps a couple of months (until our garage is cleared out), so don't wait too long responding.

These are the items:

Category: misc
- a fair number of C.U.C. Journaal magazines
- Electronicaprojecten voor MSX-computers by W.H.M. van Dreumel

Category: software/hardware manuals
- Handleiding dBASE II MS-DOS versie by Pim Oets
- PC-zakboekje dBASE III plus, by Microsoft Press
- Handleiding dBase II 'quick and easy dBase II' by Joseph Reymann
- DiskIt 'de diskette toolkit' box + manual (no disk though Smile)
- Computer mates cartridge + box + Philips MSX Home Office manual (in the same box)
- Handleiding MT-Telcom MSX Modem
- Star LC-10II (multi-font) printer users manual

Category: German
- Sony HiBrid Anleitung 'Deutsche Gebrauchsanweisung' (without disk)
- MSX-BASIC Version 2.0 benutzerhandbuch

Category: Basic listing books
- MSX Programma's voor dagelijks gebruik by Ron Belmonte
- Ideas for MSX by Ken Zetie (published Kuma MSX Smile)
- Hèt MSX computer-spelen boek by Tim Hartnell
- Miraculeuze spelen voor uw MSX Computer by Hal Renko & Sam Edwards
- Praktijksoftware voor MSX computers 'met diskdrive' by Robert-Jan Donkers
- MSX truuks en tips deel 5 by M. Buysse
- MSX truuks en tips deel 7 by M. Buysse
- MSX Programma-verzameling by Lüers
- MSX2 Toepassingshandboek by A.C.J. Groeneveld

Category: programming language books
- De MSX Gebruikersgids by Wichert van Engelen
- BASIC in 30 uur by C. Prigmore
- Werken met bestanden in MSX BASIC by LeRoy Finkel & Jerald R. Brown
- PASCAL voor BASIC-programmeurs by Mark J. Borgerson
- Het MSX instructieboek by Robert Young
- Het floppyboek voor de MSX-computers by Schröder
- Zakboekje MSX 'MSX2, basic, disk-basic, dos' by A. van Utteren
- Tips en trucs voor de MSX-computers by Dullin/Strassenburg
- MSX verder uitgediept by H. Klopper
- Handboek MSX by T. Sato, P. Mapstone & I. Muriel

Category: software (disk)
- Microbase v2.1 'De database voor uw MSX' disk + box + manual
- CCS Ledenadministratie MSX-2 (Philips VG-8598), disk + box + manual
- CCS MSX-2 boekhouding disk + box + manual
- HitBit T/Maker IV (office suite) disks + box + manual

Category: software (cassette)
- Philips MSX : De Demo
- Grog's Revenge / Bounder / The Games Collection 6
- Pac-Man (by Bug-Byte)
- Kuma Forth (programming language)
- Kuma Logo (programming language)

I think the nicest thing among them is the HitBit T/Maker program, it looks quite extensive and professional, judging by the (fat) manual. And there might also be someone who will find the electronics projects interesting, although it is at a fairly basic level.

Also the Forth cassette is very interesting, if there isn't a dump or disk version of it yet, maybe someone can make it? The same goes for Kuma Logo, I also have Philips Logo on cartridge, but this cassette might be quite interesting aswell. Actually, if no-one is interested, I might keep those cassettes.

The rest of it, well... most of them are nice books, I guess. If you work with Basic a lot on a hobby-level, you will probably enjoy them.


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