Time has come. Selling my complete Konami collection

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By meits

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14-10-2019, 21:21

First time I saw an A1 Spirit box. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers
By the way. Those three Solid Snake boxes. Are they all the same on the inside? As in, do they all have place for 3 disks? The one I had in the 90s did, but the one of a friend of mine did not. It had the cartridge holder quite centralized inside the box.

By eskroto

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14-10-2019, 21:50

The A1 box is not original, is custom made. No box was released only cartridge and manual along with Panasonic Joy Handle whichs reminds me that i didnt took pictures of mine....

The three MG2 are the same. There are two different carton insert for the cartridges, the standard one and a black one, As far as i recall this 3 have normal insert.
Don't think i have ever seen a MG2 with only cartridge holder

By Serkun123

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17-10-2019, 12:43

Wow, such a beautiful sight!!! This is strange to see nowadays Smile Such a nice collection... Could you post the ebay link?

By eskroto

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18-10-2019, 16:52


First batch of games is already in Ebay

You can check them here:

Ebay link


By Wierzbowsky

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18-10-2019, 19:09

I saw 2 games for 1000 euro each there. One thousand Euro (!) - for one (!) game! Am I out of date on the pricing levels or these 2 games are really rare?

By eskroto

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18-10-2019, 19:17

Magical Tree and Video Hustler are quite rare, but also both are in mint condition and sealed which increases the rarity hundreds of times, hence the price.
Chances of seeing another ones like those are close to zero if not zero.

By perfectnarcosis

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18-10-2019, 20:48

I do understand prices for sealed and mint games, it can indeed increase by ten fold.

Though 500,- EUR for MG2 while it has bubbles in the plastic (hard to see due to the angle of the picture you took)? It's getting harder to find them without the bubbles (mainly due to the plastic used at the time on most copies which is deteriorating) and don't get me wrong, it's overall in good shape but I'd be surprised if it sold for that..

Good luck though, there's some real gems in there.

By black hawk

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19-10-2019, 00:14

Mint condition and sealed doesn't mean that the game itself is worth it. No no never for that price

By wbahnassi

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19-10-2019, 00:21

I agree that some items are quite over priced. Salamander mini box in an imperfect condition for 300EUR? And why Japanese big box in better condition for 200EUR? I think they prices should be swapped at least for those two.
Btw, I got my mini box with a better condition for 120EUR a couple of months ago.

By uberjack

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21-10-2019, 05:31

For what it's worth, I was able to find Magical Tree for under $400 and Cabbage Patch Kids for around $430 on Yahoo Auctions, bid up from pretty low amounts. Both are games regularly touted as rare on eBay and sold for amounts between $600 to $1200. While they may be uncommon on eBay, I wouldn't consider them "rare" overall. In the last 8 months or so, I've seen Magical Tree on Auctions twice.

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