Toshiba HX-10 64K, complete set.

By whitedragon

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23-11-2017, 13:58

Hi there.

Clearing our attic.
I'm selling my Toshiba HX-10 64K, it is a complete set that comes with: amber monitor with loudspeaker and volume control, Philips D6260 cassette player-computer compatible, all cables to connect all, one printer cable-but no printer, TV connect cable, one Konami rompack game-Circus Charlie, 19 cassettes with programs, three books about msx basic. The Toshiba, monitor and cassette player are in perfect condition. Cassettes are all but one untested. I will include a list of the available games in this post later today.
I prefer to sell all in one sale.
Feel free to make me an offer. Selling only in The Netherlands, no international shipping. I prefer pick-up in my home-town, Breda.


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By tfh

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23-11-2017, 18:24

Breda, Toshiba HX10...
Any chance you bought it at a computer store in the Vierwindenstraat? ;-)

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