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By Alexey

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07-06-2019, 00:13

Some time ago I finally managed to make the GBS-8200 converter work with my Yamaha MSX. My previous attempts to get an image from that device failed. I even sent the device back thinking that it had a problem. But now I know that by default you won't see a picture from the MSX at all. And you will need to press the "Auto" button (it also functions as Down button in the Menu) to auto-adjust the converter to work with MSX's RGBS output. The best image I could get with VGA resolutions 800х600 and 1024х768. With other resolutions there were scaling problems or artifacts on the image.

As the device didn't come with the case, I found someone's 3D model online and improved it to look better and to be more sturdy. So if anyone needs a case for the GBS-8200 video converter, you can download it from my repository:

That's how it looks:

The button pusher is printed in semi-transparent plastic. It allows the power led to be visible when the device is on:

With the laser engraving the case looks a little better:

I can 3D print this case on-demand. The price is 30 Euro + shipment. Available colors: white, black, transparent.

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