What's that for?

By hamlet

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23-04-2020, 11:53

There is a strange SONY test cartridge on ebay.
Sony Hit Bit MSX CD CHECK SOFT 3-702-102-01
After some research it seems to be part of three different cartridges:
CD Check Soft / slot 2 / Sony Hit Bit /part no 3-702-102-01
CD Check Hard / slot 1 / Sony Hit Bit /part no 3-702-103-01
CD GAINADJ Hard / slot 1 / /part no 3-702-105-01
There is even a manual for the SONY CD Jig.
Are they dumped? Someone owns them? Bas?

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By lintweaker

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23-04-2020, 14:40

intriguing find! The 'hard' one should be even more interesting.


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23-04-2020, 17:00

Good finding. I would say the manual was not preserved before...

By sdsnatcher73

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24-04-2020, 07:06

So this seems to be a servicing toolkit to service the very first audio CD players. How cool is it that SONY used MSX’s for this!