WTB: RGB Cable for HB-F1XDJ

By arcwil

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10-03-2017, 02:50

Hey all,

I'm looking to buy an RGB cable to use for my MSX. It's going to connect to a Commodore 2002 monitor (I believe it's the same as a 1084s). I've tried to make my own cable but can't get it to work. Is anyone able to make one for me?

Thanks! Smile

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By hamlet

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10-03-2017, 15:54

Welcome arcwil!
There was a post not long ago ...here!

By arcwil

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10-03-2017, 21:58

I saw that, but I don't see a 5v pin on the pinout for the monitor:

I'm just getting a black screen when it's connected, so either I'm not connecting it properly or my soldering is bunk (the most likely situation here)

By jsianes

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15-03-2017, 12:11


I bought mine for my HB-F1XDJ at MSX Calamar around one year ago. Perfect video and audio quality on my LG TFT TV. But it seems unavailable right now. Fortunatelly, it´s available at Retrocables.es.

By arcwil

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17-03-2017, 05:34

Thanks for the link, but the monitor I'm connecting to doesn't use SCART, it has a DB9 connector on it! Cool

By Repair-Bas

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17-03-2017, 07:46

Contact www.bas-ditta.info
Thay have all different cables for msx in stock B-)

By arcwil

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19-03-2017, 21:08

I'll definitely get in touch! Thank you!