[WTS] Found some games while clearing up my stuff

By ssfony

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24-04-2021, 15:37

Please look at https://www.msx.pics/album/F2Pp for photos.

These games are for sale, but I don't need to get rid of them soon. So if you want one, let me know. If you offer a good price, then it's yours.

I have (default in good condition, minor damages described in remarks):

Konami RC750 Metal Gear (japanese)
- small scratch on rom label
- no manual

dB-SOFT ??? (translation anyone?)
- small tear in manualcover

HAL Eggerland

Konami RC752 F1 Spirit (japanese)

Konami RC769 Quarth
- comes with an edition of the Konami Music Catalog
- manual has small spot on cover

Konami RC748 Ganbare Goemon
- box crushed, but not broken

Micro Cabin Big Strategy II

Micro Cabin The Tower of Cabin

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By Fresh

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24-04-2021, 17:15

Nice stuff! I have send you an email

By bsittler

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24-04-2021, 18:32

The dB-SOFT game is (Tonight Until Morning) Powerful Mahjong 2 https://www.generation-msx.nl/software/db-soft/powerful-mah-jong-2/release/1115/ and it's a Mahjong with other strange components, apparently: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/今夜も朝までPOWERFULまぁじゃん

By ssfony

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24-04-2021, 22:01

Metal Gear sold!

By andallaco

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29-04-2021, 10:05

How much doed the HAL Eggerland cost?

By AnsiStar

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29-04-2021, 11:44

Sent you a mail! Wink

By ssfony

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29-04-2021, 16:49

@andallaco: Eggerland is reserved at the moment

By alesteii

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29-04-2021, 18:15


I sent you a mail.

By ssfony

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29-04-2021, 19:58

Quarth is sold