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By defdanny

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26-06-2020, 09:46

Updated list.
loose cartridges (Konami):
- RC721 Sky Jaguar (JAP, good condition with "fanmade" box) - 15 EUR
- RC724 Baseball (JAP, medium/used condition, some handwriting on the cartridge label) - 15 EUR

loose cartridges (other):
- HAL HM-003 Dragon Attack (good condition) - 10 EUR
- Sony HBS-G001C Sparkie (EUR, good condition) - 10 EUR
- Sony HBS-G015C Chess (EUR, good condition, with "SAMPLE not for sale" sticker on front) - 15 EUR
- T&E Soft TEX070 Hydlide 2 (good condition, with "fanmade" box) - 15 EUR

with box (other):
- HAL HM-016 Hole in one (manual missing, cart in good condition, box in very used condition) - 15 EUR

I uploaded photos of the games: Photo gallery on Dropbox
I will ship from Germany with DHL, Payment with Paypal or classic IBAN bank transfer is possible.
If anybody is interested in one of the games, please let me know per PM.

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