[WTS] MSX1 YIS503-IIR (YIS503II with russian keyboard and BIOS)

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05-01-2020, 16:52

Selling a computer which was composed from hardware of YIS503II and keyboard + casing top of russian YIS-503IIIR
So this is not an MSX2, this is MSX1 !
I also made photo of pcb (took it when replacing the BIOS with 503IIIR Russian one to match the keyboard)
No network module included

Price is 130 EUR with shipping to EU or 100 EUR without shipping - i mean pick up at Nijmegen is possible. I will not make hard reservations for Nijmegen pickup if it is not paid - there will be only a priority list of interested people, but will sell to real buyer (sorry for that, but people tends to opt out unexpectedly)

Mail me at dedoogun [[at]] gmail.com and also write a message here in topic, please

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